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IP Strategy 

IP Strategy

Whatever the size of your business, a thought-out intellectual property strategy provides many benefits to your business, for example it:

  • Enables you to talk to investors, retailers or manufacturers without confidentiality concerns 

  • Enhances the credibility of your business or supporting your reputation as an innovative business 

  • Provides exclusivity for an innovative feature 

  • Provides an income through licensing to competitors or into an adjacent market 

  • Enables you to access third party IP of value to you through cross-licensing 

  • Enables you to reduce corporation tax liability on profits from products and services covered by a granted patent using the patent box 

  • Supports IP Due Diligence during a business sale or acquisition 


Third party IP rights can also pose a significant risk to your business, by preventing you from using a desirable feature in your business, or by requiring you to pay royalty for using the feature. 


An IP strategy enables you to manage these opportunities and risks to achieve the best results for your business. 


Contact us to develop your IP strategy.

Patent Box

Can you take advantage of the patent box to reduce your corporation tax? 

Patent Box

Third Party Rights

Are you concerned you might be infringing other people’s IP rights? 

Are you concerned you might be infringing other people’s IP rights, or have you been approached about IP infringement?

We can search for and evaluate third party IP rights to assess the risk that you infringe third party IP rights, and advise you on available options to manage any identified risk.


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