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About Us

We are a Sussex based firm of Chartered United Kingdom and European patent attorneys, working with clients throughout the United Kingdom.


Our main focus is on businesses and individuals developing innovative products and services, who do not have the resources to manage intellectual property issues themselves.


We work closely with you to identify, understand and address intellectual property issues relevant to your business, to enable you to manage the business opportunities and risks presented by intellectual property. We help you develop an intellectual property strategy appropriate to your business needs, and to obtain and manage patent and design rights in accordance with your strategy. In everything we do, we provide a personal service that is responsive to your needs.


Our expertise is in obtaining robust patent and/or design right protection for your innovations throughout the world, and advising you on infringement of patents and design rights. We work closely, as required, with other professional advisors, such as trade mark attorneys and commercial lawyers, to ensure that your strategy is implemented.

Our Approach:

We want to build trusting and long-lasting relationships with you because we firmly believe that the optimum protection for your innovations is achieved through developing an in-depth understanding of your technologies and your business objectives. The result is that we are able to act as your IP counsel to secure outcomes aligned with your business objectives.


We aim to be fair and transparent in our charging and we charge on a fixed fee basis wherever appropriate. We inform you in advance of anticipated charges so you have as much certainty as possible about costs.


If you are not sure what you need or whether we can help, we are always happy to have an initial discussion with you by telephone or at a preliminary meeting. This initial discussion is free, and you will incur no costs until after we agree to work together.


At every stage, anything that you discuss with us is absolutely confidential.

Technical Expertise 

Our experience covers a wide range of technical fields, from straightforward inventions to complex technology in the realms of telecommunication networks, video processing and computer implemented inventions.  An outline of some of these technical fields is provided below.

Automotive control systems

 Engine management systems


Navigation systems 

Avionics systems

Marine engineering 

Gas turbine engines 

Wind turbine blade design

 Semiconductor devices & fabrication

 Domestic appliances & tools 

Traffic management applications 

Consumer goods

Video processing

Film & video conversion 

Video analysis 

Video compression

Electronic systems

General Engineering

Signal & Image Processing

Network operation

Radio interface operation

Mobile device design 

Surgical tools

 Prosthetic devices

 Diagnostic systems 

MRI systems 

CT scanners

Oil & gas exploration,

 monitoring & extraction 

Nuclear power plant systems & operation

Wind farm systems & operations 

Waste incinerator operation


Medical Devices


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