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Laura Litchfield CPA EPA

Aurum IP was founded by Laura Litchfield, an experienced Chartered United Kingdom and European patent attorney.


Laura has an honours degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Bristol University, and a post-graduate certificate in intellectual property law from Queen Mary College, University of London.


After qualification as a United Kingdom patent attorney and a European patent attorney within a private practice firm, Laura joined the European patent department of a multinational telecommunication corporation. Laura subsequently worked as sole in-house patent attorney for a UK-based SME operating in the field of video processing, before returning to private practice.


Laura has extensive experience of preparing and filing patent applications throughout the world, including attending Oral Proceedings at the European Patent Office. Laura has also gained considerable experience of portfolio management, and in implementing intellectual property strategies to maximise commercial advantage.


Laura has always been interested in the strategic use that companies make of intellectual property as well as in the challenge of obtaining the broadest protection available for a particular invention or design. Often, individuals and small and medium-sized businesses are not able to devote significant resources to intellectual property, and are not able to use intellectual property effectively to secure the best commercial outcomes.


Laura established Aurum IP to provide cost-effective intellectual property support, enabling clients to use IP confidently and effectively.

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