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IP Education 

Would you like to understand better intellectual property issues relevant to your business? 


Intellectual property is a general term covering patents, registered and unregistered design rights, copy rights, trade marks, database rights, and confidential information. These are legal rights given to encourage and reward creative or innovative endeavour by enabling an inventor, designer or creator to control use of their inventions or designs.


Although intellectual property rights can be complex, business owners and technical managers benefit from understanding the different intellectual property rights, and how they apply to their business.


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IP Audit

Intellectual property issues can arise in many different areas of your business, such as in your employment contracts and commercial agreements with your suppliers and customers as well as in product development.

An IP audit enables you to review areas of your business where IP issues need to be considered, to identify any protectable IP you have and to identify measures you can put in place to safeguard or protect your IP.

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Do you know what IP you already have and how to protect it?
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