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IP Strategy

Whatever the size of your business, intellectual property can provide many benefits and a thought-out intellectual property strategy is key. For example, your IP can:

  • enable you to talk to investors, retailers or manufacturers without confidentiality concerns

  • enhance the credibility of your business and support your reputation as an innovative business 

  • provide exclusivity for an innovative feature 

  • provide an income through licensing to competitors or into an adjacent market 

  • enable you to access third party IP of value to you through cross-licensing 

  • enable you to reduce corporation tax liability on profits from products and services covered by a granted patent using the patent box 

  • support a business sale or acquisition 

Contact us to find out more about developing your intellectual property strategy.

Patent Box

Can you take advantage of the patent box to reduce your corporation tax?

The patent box is a HMRC scheme that enables you to reduce United Kingdom corporation tax due on profits arising from sales connected with a granted patent that you own or exclusively license, generally for innovations that you have developed. For many companies, the potential saving in corporation tax is significant and far outweighs the costs of obtaining a patent.

We can advise you whether any aspects of your products or services can be patented to enable you to benefit from the patent box.


Contact us to find out more about how you could benefit from the patent box.

Third Party Rights

Are you concerned you might be infringing IP rights, or have you been approached about IP infringement? 

IP infringement poses a significant business risk, since you may need to pay royalties to the IP owner if you incorporate third party IP in your products and services, and you may be prevented from launching or continuing sale of your products and/or operation of your services that use third party IP without permission from the IP owner. 

We can search for and evaluate third party IP rights to assess your risk of infringement, and advise you on available options to manage any identified risk.

Contact us to find out more.


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